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Joseph Cuccia and Jenna Cuccia

Executive Chef/Owners

“Food is not meant to be pretentious. Food is meant to enhance your senses, heighten your emotions, and transport you to places you have never been.” – Executive Chef Joseph Cuccia 17 Summer Restaurant is one with heart, a deep soul, and a story.  At 17 Summer Restaurant Executive Chef and Owner Joseph Cuccia and Jenna Cuccia are dedicated to celebrating each ingredient. Their passion is immediately felt upon arriving at 17 Summer Restaurant. The open kitchen, ever changing menu, and Wednesday night Chef's Tables are just glimpses of the offerings at the quaint corner where Summer and Autumn meet. Joseph's commitment to the classic techniques and made-from- scratch cooking is how he shares his culinary journey.  He lives deeply in his roots, every day, starting with opening 17 Summer Restaurant in the town where he was born and raised; continuing to cook the food he grew up eating and the food from classic cuisines that have a story and a soul. Joseph strongly believes in the simplicity of food and holds true to the philosophy that each ingredient should speak for itself.  His view on food and this industry is one of quality, integrity and approachability.